The Split

by Holly Overton

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released on cassette via GP STRIPES

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released September 16, 2016

1. Thank You
2. The Split
3. These Reflections +
4. In Your Eyes *

Written and performed by Holly Overton
+ with excerpts from Hannah Arendt's On Violence
* written by Mark Perro and Holly Overton

Saxophone by Ben Jaffe
Live drums by by Jason Kelly

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jonathan Schenke
Brooklyn, NY 2016



all rights reserved


GP STRIPES Brooklyn, New York

Bushwick, Brooklyn Cassette Label
& Artists' Collective.

Est. Spring 2015


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Track Name: Thank You
Almost moved back to Carolina and gave up on my life
But you saved, oh you gave me,
Friendship in disaster, a spiral down so dark
But you saved me, oh you gave me

When I look back on it now, it echoes in my heart
You held me up from the start, your friendship means it all
I fell down, so far, you were strong, your presence calm and so I thank you, your friendship means it all

You gave me shelter, from a storm
A stable place, that kept my heart warm
I almost lost it so I'm saying in a song
That I thank you, oh I praise you, your friendship means it all

Your friendship means it all
Track Name: The Split
It's the split and the difference
It's the give and the take
It's the love and the longing
It's the heart and the break
Of the mind and the body
It's the truth in taste
It's a life that's worth living
It's a soul to be saved

Come back back baby, fill my heart up half half way
I'm so proud of you, living free and unafraid
You've got that sparkle, don't you ever every change
And as you're growing, know that I am watching over

And I, I need your balance, to feel whole

Chorus continued:
We had to drop it, but I know we'll be okay
Track Name: These Reflections
Warfare has lost it's glamour
What follows super power?
The arms of victory will hand us over into danger

Unpredictable violence
Inspires deadly silence
Desperate social science blow up in the media

Will blow up in the media
Will blow up in the media

Predictions of the future
Automatic procedure
Hypnotic mind effects are
Screaming in the darkest hour

Biological weakness
Establish revolution
Pull down the obstacles and
Feel the fever of expansion
Warfare has lost its glamour
What follows super power
The arms of victory will blow up in the media

Will blow up in the media
Will blow up in the media

It's these reflections, these reflections, these reflections, these reflections....
Track Name: In Your Eyes
In your eyes I see a closing door
In your eyes, reflections blue amor
In your eyes, a whisper takes me back
In your eyes, I wait for you to act

You break down to the sound of my voice
And cast your gaze to the floor
Are you sure?
In your eyes
Say what's more
In your eyes

In your eyes I fall into the floor
In your eyes you hide away what's more
In your eyes the Winter feels so warm
Big surprise, I lose myself once more

And so my body cries
I'd give you whatever you want
I'm all yours
In your eyes
Say what's more
In your eyes